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Select Object

The window allows to search for an object (e.g. the target object for move) in the tree by two methods. The object will be moved and becomes the child object of the object selected in the tree.

If you are moving the object to the recycle bin or the disposed assets, the window allowing to release the licenses assigned to the object displays.


  • Search in tree – enter the text contained in the searched object name and confirm using the Enter key (or clicking on the Search button).
    Your text can contain the wildcard character *.
    If you press the Enter key (or the Search button) repeatedly, you will browse the tree and the application will mark objects that match the filter criteria provided in this field.
    Once you have found the required object in the tree, you press OK to confirm the move.

    Example: Text to find

    Text to find The application finds The application does not find
    32 32; 32 MB; RAM 32 MB
    32* 32; 32 MB RAM 32 MB
    *32* 32; 32 MB; RAM 32 MB

  • Objects – select the object in the objects tree.


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