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Setting up the ALVAO Add-in

  • Service Desk Web Service
    • URL - enter the path to the Service Desk Web Service. The path is usually of the form https://server/ServiceDeskWebService/ServiceDeskWebService.asmx.
    • Verification type
      • Use Azure Active Directory verification - Azure Active Directory account (i.e., e.g., Office 365 account) is used to access the Service Desk Web Service. The option is only available if this authentication method is enabled in the application settings.
      • Use integrated Windows Authentication - the account of the currently logged in user on the computer running the ALVAO Outlook Add-in is used to access the Service Desk Web Service.
      • Use User name and Password
        • User Name - enter a user name to access the Service Desk Web Service.
        • Enter Password - When you press the button, the Password window will open, in which you enter your access password.

      The permission to work with requests is conditioned by the correct setting of the default address in Outlook.
      According to its address (default address in Outlook), the user who has the same email set in ALVAO is traced. In case you are working under a different account than the default one, you are still authenticated against ServiceDeskWebService, but you are not authorized to work with requests.
  • Taskbar
    • Display and hide automatically - if the selected Outlook item (message, meeting, event, task) contains a tag of an existing request in the subject or name, the request will be automatically displayed in the taskbar. Otherwise, the taskbar is automatically hidden.


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