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Load objects from Active Directory

In this Window, you can retrieve objects from Microsoft Active Directory (AD).

  • LDAP path - Enter the path to the Active Directory folder from which you want to retrieve objects.
  • Login
    • Use Windows Integrated Authentication - Select if you want to log in to ActiveDirectory under the currently logged in Windows user,
    • Use name and password - select if you want to log in to the service using a name and password, and fill in these details.
  • Load objects - enable the types of objects you want to load:
    • Computer - AD class: computer,
    • User - AD class: user,
    • Organizational Unit - AD class: organizationalUnit.
  • Search in - select the AD tree search level:
    • Only in specified path - search for objects only in the specified path (folder).
    • Including subfolders - search for objects in the specified path (folder) and in all subfolders.


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