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Sorting values

You can sort values in tables by one or more columns. When you click the mouse on a column header, the table contents are sorted by the values in that column. When you click on the column header again, the rows are sorted in reverse order.
You can sort the table by multiple columns as follows:

  1. Mouse click on the header of the first column you want to sort by.
  2. Press and hold Ctrl or Shift and click on the headers of the other columns with the mouse one by one.

If you click with the mouse on the column header that is already sorted by while holding down the Ctrl or Shift key, the column will sort in reverse order.
The first column header displays one larger arrow pointing down or up, depending on whether it is sorted in ascending or descending order.

Sorting, first column

In the other columns, two smaller arrows indicate the order.

Sorting, additional columns


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