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To keep track of the relations between the records of each ITIL process, we recommend using the following types of relations:

For "simple" ITIL, we recommend recording all relations as "related."

If you want to implement ITIL more consistently, we recommend using the following types of relations:

ITIL Relation Type Note
Incident - similar Incident (parent - child) duplicated - duplicate

The first incident is marked as "duplicated". All other incidents related to the same fault are duplicated.

Incident - Problem/Known Error related

An incident may occur to an existing problem. A problem can arise from an existing incident. For this reason, it is not appropriate to use "preceding - following".

Incident - Service Request  preceding - following

Service Request is created and based on an incident (SR handles the incident).

Incident - RFC (N:N) - RFC is triggered by an incident  preceding - following 

RFC resolves an incident.

RFC - Incident (caused by) preceding - following

Incident caused by a poorly executed change.

Problem - RFC preceding - following

The problem is solved via an RFC.


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