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User Name Template

The user name template specifies the format of the user names in Alvao, e.g. "Veronika Kind" or "Kind Veronika". By default, the template contains the AD attribute cn, which typically contains the user's first and last name.

You can change the template by running this SQL script on the Alvao database:

exec dbo.spUpdateInsertProperty 'ImportUsersLDAP.PersonNamePattern', 'cn', null, null.

Replace the 'cn' argument with the new template. You can use any AD attributes of the User object separated by a space in the template, for example:

Attribute name in AD Value
cn First and last name
displayName DisplayName for display in the contacts directory
givenName First name
sn Surname

Example template for the "Last Name First Name" format:

exec dbo.spUpdateInsertProperty 'ImportUsersLDAP.PersonNamePattern', 'sn givenName', null, null, null


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