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Product status

Product status is used to track the life cycle of individual products. The main idea is to have an overview of the company's attitude towards each product from a global perspective, regardless of the License registry or Software Profiles on individual machines. The Alvao system describes the life cycle of products using the following statuses:

1. Unclassified
2. Approval  <------> 3b. Rejected
3a. Approved
4.  Approved - scheduled for decommissioning
5.  Decommissioned

Product Status Description of product status Notes
Unclassified Use of the product in the organization is not approved (default state). Request
Approval Product approval is in progress for use in the organization. Items:Request
Approved The product is approved for use in the organization. Items: Request, Approved version
Approved - scheduled for decommissioning The product is approved for use, but it is an older version that will be decommissioned on the specified date.
On the date set in "To be decommissioned", the product status will automatically switch to "Decommissioned".
Items: Request, Approved version, To be decommissioned
Decommissioned The product has been decommissioned. Items Requested
Rejected The use of the product in the organization was rejected during the approval process. Items:Request

Warning about unclassified SW

Asset management alerts in reports on found software that is in unclassified status (default state).
If you don't want to highlight SW in unclassified status in reports, then in ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Asset Management - Settings - General turn off the Warn about product installations in "Uncategorized" option.

Possible scenarios

Company guidelines only allow the use of approved software

If corporate guidelines only allow the use of software that has been approved in some way, Software Manager on Computers will turn on the Warn for product installations in the "Unclassified" status and the system will highlight installed products that need to be approved or removed.

Company guidelines do not specify approved software

If corporate guidelines allow SW products to be used even though they have not been approved, the SW manager on the computers does not need to check the status of the products and therefore disables the Highlight installations of products in the "Unclassified" status.


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