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The tab allows search in Asset Management for individual objects by the text they contain.

  • Text to find - enter the text you want to search for.
    You can use the "*" character instead of any section of text. The asterisk represents any number of arbitrary characters.
  • Full text only - turn on if you want to search only for exactly the text you specify.
    If the option is turned off, the program automatically adds the character "*" before and after the search word - so the searched text is also searched within other text. Otherwise, the text is searched for exactly as it is entered, and the "*" character performs the same function.
  • Search in
    • Object Names
    • Property values
    • Note text - message field in object logs for records of type Note
    • Object log (object history, property changes) - message field in object log for the following two record types:
      • Object History
      • Information (records in the form 'Property "V" was changed from "X" to "Y" or 'Property "V" was removed (original value "X")
    • System objects (bin, object templates, discarded assets, ...)
When searching in the object log, the following are for Record Type "information" only the sections between quotes are searched, i.e. "V", "X", "Y".

Example 1. Search text - option "full text only" is not checked

Search text Program finds Program does not find
32 32; 32 MB; 32 MB RAM
32* 32; 32 MB RAM 32 MB
*32* 32; 32 MB; RAM 32MB


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