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New computers

In this window you can refine your discoveries and create new computers on your network.

  • All nearby computers - select to find all new computers on your network and add them to the database.
  • Computers in a domain/group - select and enter the name of the domain or workgroup to which you want to limit the discovery of new computers.
  • Scan IP address range - select if you only want to search for computers in a specific IP address range.
    The start and end IP address are also searched.
    • Initial Address - enter the first address of the interval.
    • Final Address - enter the last address of the interval.
    • Write IP address to the "IP address" property - Enable if the found IP address of the computer is to be stored in the IP address of the newly created computer.

      The IP address will only be stored if the computer template contains the IP address property.
  • Computers from Active Directory - Select to find all new computers in a folder in Microsoft Active Directory, and specify the LDAP path to that folder.
    • Search Subfolders - turn on if you want to search for new computers in the entire subtree of the specified folder.


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