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This tab allows you to edit basic object.


  • Object Name - enter the name of the object. If the object name is made up of properties, the name field displays the properties in sequence.
  • Change icon - change the icon of the object. The object icon can only be changed in the corresponding object template.
  • Object kind - select from the menu object kind.
    • ... - or select the object kind in a separate window.
    • Show all kinds of objects - turn on if you want to select an object kind that is not a computer type.
  • Note:

    After changing the object kind, the object is automatically unified according to the corresponding template (if any).
    When you change the object kind from "computer" to another type, the object is automatically delicensed and installations, detections, and requests for detections are removed.
    Only a user with the AM Administrator or Asset Manager role can change the object kind. An asset administrator can change the object kind only on computers and only on a different type of computer.
  • GUID of the object in Active Directory - Displays the value that binds the object to Active Directory. If there is no value, then the object is not linked to AD.

    The value is only displayed if the object was imported from AD.
    The field cannot be edited: it can either be Delete or its value can be copied.
    Deleting it breaks the link between the object and AD, then it is possible to edit the values of properties imported from AD.
  • Flags
    • Automatically update according to detection - Enable if the object is to be automatically updated with data from hardware detection.
    • Ignore inconsistencies with detection - turn on if hardware (or software) detection should not report an error if a difference is detected against detection.
    • Non-moveable - turn on if you want the object to be unable to be moved to another location in the tree.
      This value can only be changed by the Administrator.
    • Hidden Object - turn on if the object is to be hidden.
      Hidden objects are displayed in the object tree only if their display is enabled in the program settings (Show - Hidden objects).
      This value can only be changed by the Administrator.


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