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Print report

In this Window you can view and further work with print reports.


  • File
    • Print PDF - open the forwarding report internally in the default PDF file viewer.
    • Send for signing - send the internal handover protocol for signing via the web. This command is only available in the ALVAO Electronic Handover Forms module.
    • Print ... - print the report.
    • Preview - preview the report for printing.
    • Save As - save the file (*.html) to disk.
    • Send to MS Word - open the document in MS Word.
    • Edit mode - enable edit mode - make edits to the message text available.
    • Close - close the print report.
  • Edit
    • Undo - undo the last change made.
    • Redo - repeat the last edit made.
    • Cut - copy the selected text to the clipboard and remove it from the document.
    • Copy - copies the selected text to the clipboard.
    • Paste - paste text on the clipboard at the location where the cursor is.
    • Delete - remove the selected text from the document.
    • Select All - option to select the entire message.
    • Find - to search the text of the document.
  • Format
    • Font
    • Remove Formatting - remove the formatting you have done to the selected text.


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