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This tab accesses general console settings Asset Management Console.


  • Create history records with current date and time - Enable if you wish to automatically assign time stamps to history records moving, creating, or deleting objects. If the option is disabled, you need to confirm (or edit) the time of the action each time you manipulate an object.
  • Always confirm when moving objects - turn on if every time moving an object you want to display a confirmation window.
  • Don't confirm actions when moving to 'Discarded property' - turn on if you don't want to display the move confirmation window when moving to Discarded property.
  • Do not confirm actions when moving to 'Recycle Bin' - turn on if you do not want to display the move confirmation window when moving to the Trash.
  • Deteck if the software product library is up-to-date automatically - turn on if you want to be automatically notified of the latest version of when AM Console starts software product library. (A similar function is provided by ALVAO Collector, which monitors the vendor's site at regular intervals to see if a newer library is available and then automatically loads it into the database.)


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