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In this Window you can write or edit the asset data found Asset check.

  • Object Kind - display the type of object being edited.
  • Object Name - display the name of the object in the tree.
  • Asset Kind, Asset Name, Inventory Number,... (properties of the object)
    • Loaded (modified) values - enter valid values for object (property) properties. Values found during inventory are displayed.
    • Loaded (original) values - display the values of the object (asset) properties entered in the records before the start of the inventory.
  • Asset check date - display the date of the inventory.
  • Asset check status - display the inventory result.
  • Locked for editing - turn on if you want to prevent further editing of this inventory item.
  • Transferred - the option is enabled if the asset has been transferred to another user based on the findings.
  • Processed - enable if the item has already been processed and the detected changes have been entered into the records. If this has already happened, the option is enabled.
  • Note - add any note if necessary.


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