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SAM notifications


  1. In ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Groups to the Manage Software on Computers group insert the people who are responsible for the software in the company. Notifications will be sent to these persons by default.
  2. Go to the SAM - Alerting (Administration - Asset Management - Settings - SAM-alerting) to modify the alerting rules if necessary.

Email alerts for missing licenses for specific products

  1. In the AM Console, use the Software - Products (software)....
  2. A list of all products will be displayed. Select the products for which you want to turn on notifications and use the Audit....
  3. In the pop-up menu window that appears, select Notify by email and confirm the change with the OK button.
The Audit column also appears in the top product list in the License and Installation Overview window, where you can also execute Audit... from the local menu.

Regular license purity check

If during a regular license cleanliness check you discover that a computer is missing a license:

  1. ... and the product is set to Audit to Yes, you can edit the value on the product (Audit... command from the local menu) to Alert by email, which will automatically send out notifications according to the rules you set, see ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Asset Management - Settings - SAM - Notification.
  2. ... and the product is set to Audit to Email Alert, you can resend the alert using the Send Alerts Again command from the local menu. In the bottom list in the Last Alert column, you will find the date when the last alert was sent. In the Next scheduled alert column, you will find the date when the next alert will be sent automatically.
For more information on regular license cleanliness checking, see Regular license cleanliness check.

Show history of sent notifications on computer

  1. In the AM Console select a specific computer in the object tree.
  2. Go to the Journal tab.
  3. In the log, you can see entries regarding the alerts sent.
    Information displayed in each column:
    • Icon -
    • Date - The date the alert was sent.
    • Alert Type - Displays the text: . Missing License Alert
    • Title - Displays text: Alert Sent
    • Message - Displays text: Product:"<product name>"; Alert order: N; Recipients:"<list of recipients>"


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