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Data analysis (Excel workbook)

In ALVAO Asset Management it is possible to perform analyses in MS Excel. Open the analysis from the Asset Management Console with the Data Analysis, which is available in the main menu under Tools. This command opens the MS Excel workbook with the analysis, which is stored in the "C:\Users\{user}\Documents\ALVAO\" folder. If the analysis workbook is not in this folder, a new one is automatically created. On the first sheet of the workbook you will find instructions for use.

The user is automatically logged in to the analysis using the built-in Windows authentication. Only the data that users has the right to see according to their role or rights settings in the object tree.

The Data Analysis command works with the workbook according to your preferred language. If you are using a preferred language other than English or Czech, the command will open the English workbook.

For data analysis we recommend using analytic database.

If you wish to restore the original workbook, simply delete the current file from the "Documents" folder. After using the Data Analysis command again the workbook will be restored from the installation directory.
When upgrading to a new version of Alvao, the copy of the workbook is not upgraded, so some sheets may stop working. In this case, rename or delete the file from the "Documents\ALVAO\quot; folder and create a new one with Data Analysis.
After installation, the sample files Asset Management Analysis enu.xlsm and Asset Management Analysis csy.xlsm are located in the "installation directory}\ALVAO\Asset Management Console\" folder. We recommend that you do not use or delete these files directly. In case you want to work with them, copy them and use the copied files.

Use in MS Azure

If you are connecting the workbook to Azure SQL Database, you will need the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server installed on your computer to connect.


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