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SD - Request Tables - Views - the displayed custom columns of users, organizations, services, and SLAs can disappear from the view

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Custom columns of users disappear from the requirements view. organizations, services, and SLAs. Custom user columns, etc., disappear from the view whenever a new custom request item is created.


The cause is a bug in ALVAO products.


Fixed in release 11.1.1096 - 11.1 (2023-04-13)


Use the script in the attachment to set the users to the request table views again. After the script is applied, the custom columns of the other entities are no longer removed when a new custom request entry is created. The script from the attachment creates auxiliary custom columns in the database. Please do not delete these columns

Steps to reproduce this behavior

Add a custom person column to the view. Create a new custom request item. The custom person item in the view disappears.


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