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Known issues

This page lists known issues with the product in the selected release and how to resolve them. For a full list of issues that have already been fixed, see the Release notes - Released updates page.

Critical issues

There are no known issues.

Critical issue definition: A problem that makes the product impossible to use, i.e.: a) the "crashing" of the entire system or an important part of it during normal use; b) the loss or corruption of data during normal use.

Medium issues

IssueFix planned for release
Alvao Service - the log shows an error: "String or binary data would be truncated in table Alvao.dbo.DetRegUninstall" (T143957ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
Alvao Service - the log shows an error: "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM" (T144231ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
ALVAO SS: ServerSetup does not create a directory for detections. (T143762ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
AM - Software - the licence per user does not cover the package components (T143889ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
ALVAO Standard HW/SW Request Forms - Error 'Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object' (T144622ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
SD - Requests - SLA alerts for solver group are sent to every member of every solver group within the service (T140820ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
AM - Console/WA - Objects/Child objects - when deleting objects, error "you don't have sufficient permission for the move" is shown (T142345ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
REST API - Error 500 - The remote name could not be resolved: '' (T143132ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
AM WA - Administration - AM - Property definition - Property - Delete - Timeout (T143284ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
SD - Request - New event in request log - Reopen - E-mail message created before request resolving will erroneously reopen this request (T142931ALVAO)   11.2
Database upgrade takes a long time (T103405ALVAO)   -

Definition of a medium issue: A problem limiting the use of the product, i.e.: (a) significant problems in use that are surmountable by an alternative problem-solving procedure; (b) a part of the product deviates significantly from the specification in the documentation.

Minor issues

IssueFix planned for release
AM Console - if AAD authentication is used, MS Defender may block AzureLogin.module due to missing digital signature (T144248ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
WA - Administration - Settings - Configuration check - Error 500: Object reference not set to an instance of an object (T144360ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
AM - Detections - The time of the message "The detection has been finished without errors" in the log is shifted (T144395ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
WA - Data queries - Results can be seen by Administrators and Settings managers only (T144471ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
Alvao Service - the log shows an error: Must declare the scalar variable "@cnt" (T143982ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
AM WA - Objects - Print - Person handing over/Recipient - Recipient's Location is used for both users when generated (T144011ALVAO)   11.1/FIX3 (2023-07-06)
AM Console - Detection tab - Compare to Asset Registry... - Write changes to tree - the command does not work until automatic update is enabled (T144477ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
Requests - Slow loading (T134025ALVAO)   11.1/SP1 (2023-09-14)
SD - Request - Reopen - Any host can reopen request created by other hosts (T142929ALVAO)   11.2
AM/SD - New request - Objects field - doesn't display the assets of subordinates (T143958ALVAO)   11.2
SD WA - Requests - Content isn't rendered when in Tiles mode and the phone is in horizontal position (T143978ALVAO)   11.2
Server Setup - No active internet connection - .NET6.0 is missing on the server - SS returns an error (T144045ALVAO)   11.2
SD WA - Communication - Some uploaded images are rotated differently than the originals (T91892ALVAO)   -
REST API / CA WS - HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error - requestFiltering removeServerHeader="true" not recognized in Web.config (T143680ALVAO)   -
The fourth level of numbered list in email from Outlook is badly formatted (T135565ALVAO)   -
WA - Request - New event - CK Editor - The hyperlink is displayed correctly only in the collapsed event (T135961ALVAO)   -
OA - Delayed sending of emails - When reading the "Outbox" folder, OA reads the message and stops sending it (T111893ALVAO)   -
OA - Content is rendered outside the taskbar (T115357ALVAO)   -
WA - Tables - Views - Duplication of views and other unwanted behavior may occur (T121220ALVAO)   -

Definition of minor issue: A problem that does not restrict operation but complicates the procedures for working with the product, i.e. a mismatch of controls or outputs with the behavior described in the documentation.

Older product issues


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