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AM Console - in some cases, value in the tblNode.txtPath column is not computed after the object name changed

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This error can occur in the following situations:

  • The object name is not composed by any property value and you change the object name (Tree - Edit... command).
  • The object name is composed by some property values and you change the value of the property in the following places:
    • Tree (multiselect) - Edit... command
    • Child objects tab - Edit... command
    • List of objects window - Edit... command
    • Found objects window - Edit... command
  • As a result, values in the tblNode.txtPath column are not recalculated in the child objects of the renamed one.


    The cause is a bug in ALVAO products.


    Fixed in release 11.1.1096 - 11.1 (2023-04-13)


    If you have renamed an object by the ways mentioned above, repair the database using this command:
    WA - Administration - Database maintenance - Repair database.

    Note: It is a good idea to set all object templates to have the object name composed with some property values.

    Steps to reproduce this behavior


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