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AM - Objects - Recycle bin - emptying the bin takes a long time

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Emptying the bin takes a long time:

  • AM Console deletes ten objects at a time in batches. One batch can take several seconds.
  • The WebApp deletes all objects at once. This can take tens of minutes to hours.


The cause is missing indexes in the database.


Fixed in release 11.1.1096 - 11.1 (2023-04-13)


Run the following SQL script on the database:

create nonclustered index IX_tblHistory_lintOpNodeId on tblHistory (lintOpNodeId)
create nonclustered index IX_tblDocument_lintSrcNodeId on tblDocument (lintSrcNodeId)
create nonclustered index IX_tblHistory_lintOp2NodeId on tblHistory (lintOp2NodeId)
create nonclustered index IX_tblLicHist_OrganizationNodeId on tblLicHist (OrganizationNodeId)

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