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Loading messages

This section on the New Service form is used to set up retrieval of messages from the mailbox.
If the message contains a tag of an existing request in the subject line, it will be automatically loaded into its log. Based on messages without a request tag, a new request is created.


  • Server
    • Exchange Server - enter the name of the Exchange server, e.g.:
      • Authentication
        • OAuth 2.0 (Exchange Online) - First, register the Alvao Service application in your Azure Active Directory and set permissions for the full_access_as_app. We also recommend limiting permissions so that can only access the listed mailboxes.
          • Application (client) ID - enter the Alvao Service application ID from AAD.
          • Directory (tenant) ID - enter the directory ID of the Alvao Service application from AAD.
          • Client secret - enter the secret code of the Alvao Service application from AAD.
          • E-mail - enter the email address of the retrieved mailbox
        • Basic
          • User name - enter a username to log in to the service mailbox, see New Service - General - Email. The username is usually the same as the mailbox email address.
            If you want to retrieve messages from another mailbox, such as a shared mailbox in Microsoft 365, put a backslash at the end followed by the email address of that mailbox. For example, the username will retrieve messages from the mailbox and log into that mailbox as the user.
          • Password - enter the password to log in.
            The password for accessing the mailbox is stored in the database in unencrypted form.
      The interface is supported by Exchange Server 2016 (or later) and Office 365.
    • IMAP Server - enter the network name of the IMAP server.
      • IMAP Port - enter the TCP/IP port for communication with the IMAP server.
      • SSL - enable if you want secure communication with the server.
      • Login
        • User Name - enter the username of the user from whose default mailbox messages are to be retrieved.
        • Password - enter a password for logging in.
          The password for accessing the mailbox is stored in the database in unencrypted form.
      Through the IMAP interface you can connect to a wide range of mail servers such as Exchange Server, HCL Domino, etc.
  • Settings
    • Load unread messages only - turn on if you only want to retrieve messages from the clipboard that are not marked as read.
    • Mark uploaded messages as read - turn on if you want to automatically mark messages that Alvao has processed as read.
    • Transfer uploaded messages to - enter the folder name if you want to move the message to a specific folder in the mailbox after processing.
    • Delete uploaded messages - turn on if you want to delete processed messages from the clipboard. If you do not otherwise have a way to delete old clipboard contents, we recommend leaving this option on.


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