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New document

On this page, you can create a new document.


  • Document type - choose the type of the document.
  • Document name - in case you use the Document number field as a unique document identifier, you may skip this field or enter descriptive information to easily identify the document in listings. If you don't use the Document number field, this field is mandatory, and entering a unique document name is recommended.
  • Document number - if the number is not generated by a sequence nor the Document name is not used to uniquely identify documents, enter a unique document identifier in this field.
  • Attachments - (optional) add a file or link attachments to the document.
  • Objects - (optional) link the document to specific objects.
  • Licenses - (optional) link the document to specific software licenses.
  • External document number - (optional) enter the original number of the document issued by your vendor, partner, etc.
  • Issue date - (optional) enter the issue date of the document.
  • Vendor (optional) - type in at least part of the vendor name and then select the vendor from the drop-down list. This field is available only for the document type Invoice.
  • Document folder - select the document folder from the list.
  • Notes - (optional) enter additional information about the document.


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