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Upgrade from ALVAO 11.0 – manual steps

Custom Apps

When upgrading from ALVAO 11.0, you need to modify you existing custom extensions, see ALVAO Asset Management Custom Apps or ALVAO Service Desk Custom Apps. Modify the source files and scripts as described on this page. If you are upgrading from ALVAO 10.4 or earlier, first convert the custom extensions to ALVAO 11.0.

  1. In all Applications and Custom Forms:
    • Instead of the namespace System.Data.SqlClient use Microsoft.Data.SqlClient. E.g.:
      Replace the line using System.Data.SqlClient; with using Microsoft.Data.SqlClient;.
    • Delete all uses of namespaces Alvao.ServiceDesk.ServiceDeskWebApp.Infrastructure.WebService and Alvao.Apps.WebService.
  2. Stored database procedure spReadAllComunication was renamed to spReadAllCommunication.
  3. Log mode Comunication (logMode=Comunication) for the request URL was renamed to Communication (logMode=Communication).
  4. Renamed value in enumerator Alvao.API.SD.Act.TicketLogMode from Comunication to Communication.
  5. Change of word "licence" to "license":
    • Table dbo.PeriodicAlert, columns:
      • Licence name –> License name
      • Licence inventory number –> License inventory number
    • View Query.SwInstallationEnu column Number of assigned licences –> Number of assigned licenses
  6. The custom apps interfaces ICommand and IView were deprecated. Use IEntityCommand and IEntityTab instead.
    1. Add definition of command entity (Entity.Request, Entity.Object)
    2. Change return types of the Show method to EntityCommandShowResult/EntityTabShowResult object.
    3. Change return types of the Run method to CommandResult object.
    4. Change the SqlConnection parameter uses to AlvaoContext.GetConnectionScope().


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