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Report templates of Power BI

Report templates for Power BI include basic, ready-to-use reports that you can edit or use to create custom reports to suit your needs.

Report templates are available in Czech only.


  1. From the Microsoft Power BI web, download and install Power BI Desktop.
  2. From the ALVAO Download page, download the template file
  3. Open each report file in Power BI Desktop and set up a data connection:
    1. On the Home tab, click the Edit queries option and choose the Data source settings command.
    2. Choose the Change sourceā€¦ command in the dialog.
    3. Set the path to the SQL server and database and confirm the dialog with the OK command.
    4. Close the Data source settings dialog.
    5. On the Home tab, select the Update command.
    6. The Native database query dialog opens and confirm with the Start command.
    7. If you do not have the permission to read the content of the database, you will be prompted to enter the login credentials (enter the user name including the domain).
  4. Wait for the data to load.
For the sake of versatility and reusability, the reports display data from the model database when first used. To obtain relevant data it is necessary to change filter values (see table – Recommended filter values).

For help with commissioning and using Power BI reports, contact Technical support.

Report templates for Asset Management

Report name Page title Description Recommended filter values
Computers Computers The report shows all AM computers in the form of breakdown by type, operating system and manufacturer. It displays the number of filtered computers.
The lower table shows basic information about filtered computers.


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