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Contract registry

You can record contracts with your service providers, e.g. for servicing printers, servers, UPS units, air conditioners, etc., as objects in the object tree.

Contracts folder

In the object tree, create the following folders for recording contracts in your organization using the ready-made Contract object template:

  • Contracts (Object Type=Contracts, Name=Contracts, Contract Status=Active)
    • Archive (Object Type=Contracts, Name=Archive, Contract Status=Archive)

Set access permissions on the folders, see Object security or Property security.

Creating a new contract

  1. In the Contracts folder, create a new object using the Contract template.
  2. Fill in the properties of the new contract.
  3. In the object journal, create a note and insert the scanned contract file into its attachment.
    Alternatively, create a new document for the contract, save the scanned contract to its attachments, and add the document to the object journal.
  4. If you use the ALVAO Configuration Management module, you can link the contract object to the objects that the contract relates to.

Notification of impending expiration

In WebApp - Administration - Regular Alerts, create a new alert with the script below.

The script generates alerts for active contracts that are about to expire. The alert will be sent if there are fewer days left until the date specified in the contract in the Expiry by property than the number of days specified in the Advance warning of expiry (days) property.

The notification sender is the messaging sender of the Alvao system. The notification is sent to the members of the group that is specified in the script in the recipientsGroup variable.

The contract table will contain the Name, Path in tree, Expiration by and a url link to the contract object.

declare @recipientsGroup nvarchar(50) = N'Contract Administrators'; -- Group containing the recipients of the notificationdeclare @contractFolderPath nvarchar(100) = null; -- Path to the folder containing the contracts. Null = The entire object tree is NULL as [From],
  stuff( (
  select cast(';' as varchar(max)) + P.sPersonEmai from tPerson P
  join tRolePerson RP on RP.liRolePersonPersonId = P.iPersonI
	join tRole R on R.sRole = @recipientsGroup and R.iRoleId = RP.liRolePersonRoleI
	WHERE P.dPersonRemoved is null and ISNULL(P.sPersonEmail, '') != ''
  for xml path('')
  ), 1, 1, '') as [To],
  null as [Cc],
  null as [Bcc],
  N'Expired contracts' as [Subject],

The contracts listed below will expire soon.' as [Text], N.txtName as [Name], N.txtPath as [Path in tree], expiration.txtValue as [Expiration by], (select sPropertyValue from tProperty where sProperty='WebAppURL')+ '/Object/' + cast(N.intNodeId as varchar) as URLfrom vNodeClass N join vPropertyKind expiration on expiration.lintNodeId = N.intNodeId and expiration.intKindCode = 163 join vPropertyKind notify on notify.lintNodeId = N.intNodeId and notify.intKindCode = 164join vPropertyKindInherited state on state.lintNodeId = N.intNodeId and state.intKindCode = 165where (N.txtPath like @contractFolderPath + '%' or @contractFolderPath is null) and N.bolHidden = 0 and N.bolScrapped = 0 and N.lintClassId = 56 and expiration.txtValue is not null and notify.txtValue is not null and state.txtValue = N'Active' and (CONVERT(datetime, expiration.txtValue, 103) < DATEADD(day, -cast(notify.txtValue as int), GETUTCDATE()))

Tip: If you want to be notified when an automatic contract renewal is coming up, set the Expiration by property to the date of the automatic renewal, and update it after the renewal.

Contract Extension

  1. For a given contract, edit the Expiry by and any other properties that have changed.
  2. Add a new note or document with the contract or amendment file to the request log.

Note: Changes to contract property values are automatically recorded in the object log.

Archiving the contract

Move expired contracts to the Archive folder.


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