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Custom request form from AM Console

If you want to use the New request command over the bulk object selection in AM Console to use a custom form from SD, use the following settings.

  1. Create a custom form according to the procedure in the SD book.
    • Use a custom model when implementing a custom form.
    • The form must support displaying the page using the HTTP GET method.
    • Expect a list of selected objects in the Objects parameter, which contains the comma-separated IDs of all selected objects in the AM Console.
      Ex: Objects=54,134,1987,658
  2. Set the path to your custom form by running an SQL query over your Alvao database:
    exec dbo.spUpdateInsertProperty 'AM.NewTicketFromObjects.CustomFormUrl', '~/Custom/<function name>/<form name without .cshtml extension>', NULL, NULL
    Set the correct path to the custom form in the query.

Disable the use of custom form

To disable the use of custom forms, run the following SQL query over your Alvao database:
delete tProperty where sProperty = 'AM.NewTicketFromObjects.CustomFormUrl'


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