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Links between requests and objects

You can bind requests in ALVAO Service Desk to objects from ALVAO Asset Management. For example, for a request representing an incident, you can bind objects representing the devices (CIs) involved in the incident. You can bind multiple objects to a single request, and vice versa.

You can view and edit the list of objects that are linked to a specific request in WebApp - Requests - Request - Objects tab. Similarly, for a list of requests that are tied to a specific object, see WebApp - Objects - Object - Related Requests tab.

So in WebApp - User Menu - My Assets - Assets you can directly create a new related request to the selected object. 

In AM Console, requests linked to the selected object can be found in the object log. To edit the links, you can use the New Request, Add to Request, and Related Requests commands in the following places:

If you don't see these functions in your application, ask your Alvao administrator to enable the links between objects and requests.


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