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Object Lists

You can view any objects in the object list instead of on the Objects tab. The list of objects is displayed in a separate window and is therefore accessible at all times, and you can edit the properties of individual objects in the main AM Console window.Double-click an object in the List of Objects to display that object in the main AM Console window in a tree. The object in the Object List remains selected even if you select another object in the tree in the main window.

Creating a New Object List

  1. Select a folder in the object tree (e.g. Shopping Department).
  2. Go to the Objects tab - a list of objects that lie below the selected object in the tree will be displayed.
  3. Adjust the view settings - filtering, sorting and displaying/hiding columns.
  4. From the local menu, use the Show in Object Lists command.
  5. The Object Lists window opens and the current view on the Objects tab is transferred to the Object Lists window as a new view.
  6. Click an object in the table with the mouse (or use Action - Select in tree, or press Enter on the object, or use the toolbar icon) and the object will be selected in the object tree in the main AM Console window.
  7. Show the details of the object - Properties, Diary, ...
  8. Switch back to the Object Lists window (e.g. by Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut) and double-click on another object - again it will be selected in the main window in the object tree

Viewing the Object Lists window

  1. From the View main menu, select Object Lists..., or use the button from the main toolbar.
  2. The Object Lists window will appear, showing the status that was in the window before the last time the window was closed (views, view settings, ...).
    The saved views are individual for each user and are stored in the database.


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