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Child objects

The top of the Child Objects tab lists all the child objects of the object that is currently selected in the tree. If you select an object in the table, its diary is displayed at the bottom.
For objects of type computer, a status icon may be displayed:

  • The computer's network power-on status is unknown (the ping function was not called).
  • The computer is powered on (the last call to the ping function was successful).
  • Computer; is off or unavailable (last ping function call was unsuccessful)
Child Objects tab can also be viewed in the Lists of objects. This window allows you to work with objects in the AM Console main window and still have a list of them in sight.

The local menu options of the Assigned Objects tab:

  • Mark in tree - bold highlights in tree of objects, the object selected in the table
  • Move - move the selected object under another object. If you select an object of type computer, you will be asked if you want to Move only computers or computers including reports.
  • View in object lists - open the displayed list of objects in a separate window Lists of objects.
    Before you open the list of objects in a separate window, you can apply filters to limit the list to the objects you are interested in.
    Objects in a separate window can still be displayed in a tree. So you can work with the list you have created without losing the list by editing specific objects.
  • New request - create a new request in ALVAO ServiceDesk related to the selected objects.
  • Add to request - add selected objects to an existing request in ALVAO ServiceDesk.
  • Related Requests - view requests in ALVAO ServiceDesk that are related to the selected object.
  • Table - The menu allows customize the table. For example, create filters, views or display multiple rows.
  • Find - search for text in the displayed table.
  • Print - open the details of the selected objects in the HTML print window. The form and content of these details depends on the selected report (print-set.epq).
  • Delete - remove selected objects from the active Asset Management records, i.e. move them to the trash.
  • Add a link to a document - add a link to the selected object to an existing document.
  • Edit - edit a property or type of selected objects.


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