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WebService Settings

WebService is configured in the same way as WebApp. You need to provide SMTP server settings and database connection. For more detailed information, see Database connection and Sending emails.

You need to set the WebService address in the database. Do this in ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Settings - Web Services. You need to specify the address down to a specific file (servicedeskwebservice.asmx). For example: "http://server/servicedeskwebservice/servicedeskwebservice.asmx".

For Windows authentication to work properly, the address of the server running WebService needs to be in the intranet zone.
The address to the correct zone in Internet explorer can be set using Group Policy as follows (see for details: here).

  1. Create a GPO and go to User settings - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Internet Explorer - Internet Control Panel - . Security Page and click on Enable.
  2. Click Show to display the Show Contents window.
  3. Enter the server address in the Value Name field and the server address in the Value with 1 (the designation for the Intranet Zone).
  4. Click OK.


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