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Function description

This application is used to generate a status diagram of a specified process in Microsoft Visio. This utility works only if Microsoft Visio is installed on the computer.

Syntax command lines

GenerateProcessDiagram.exe {/conn "connection string" | /server "database server name" /db "database name"} { /process <process number> | /processName "process name"}


Switch Description Mandatory
/conn "string"
/server "server name"
/db "database name"
These parameters are used to set the connection to the Alvao database. You can use a connection string (e.g. /conn "Data source=.\sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=test;Integrated Security=True"), or simply specify a specific SQL server and DB (e.g. /server ".\sqlexpress" /db "test"). Yes
/process <process>number>
/processName "process name"
These parameters identify the corresponding process. It is possible to use a process number (e.g. /process 1), or specify a process name (e.g. /processName "General Request"). Yes

Examples of use

Display process status diagram by entering a simple SQL server login and process number:
GenerateProcessDiagram.exe /server ".\sqlexpress" /db "test" /process 1


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