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In this Color window you can select from the base color palette and Custom Colors - those colors that you have defined yourself in the past.
It also allows you to Define Custom Colors, both by entering numeric parameters and by placing the cursor in the color spectrum. The square labeled Color|Full shows a preview of the currently defined color.


  • Define Custom Colors >> - displays the second part of the window where additional colors can be defined.
  • Hue - define the hue of the color (0 - 255).
  • Saturation - define the saturation of the color (0 - 255).
  • Brightness - define the brightness of the color (0 - 255).
  • Red - define the red ratio (0 - 255).
  • Green - define the green color ratio (0 - 255).
  • Blue - define the ratio of blue (0 - 255) 255).
  • Add to custom colors - add the currently defined color to the custom color palette.
  • OK - set the selected color as the color of the selected text.


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