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This tab allows you to edit data on document.


  • Identification Number 2 - enter an additional document identification number if necessary. (Identification Number is entered on the Label tab.)
  • Voided - turn on if the document is no longer valid.
  • Document Folder - select document folders from the menu.
  • Document Type - select from the document type.
  • Issue Date - enter the issue date of the document.
  • Attachment - attach attach attachments (e.g. scan of invoice) if applicable.
  • Document - Invoice - if the selected document type is Invoice
    • Vendor - select from the supplier menu.
      • ... - or select a supplier from the list of organisations.
  • Document - Handover protocol if the selected document type is Transfer protocol
    • Person handing over - select the submitting user from the menu.
    • Person accepting - select from the menu of the transferring user.
  • Sign method (Handover protocol) - Handover protocol signing method (only available after activating the module ALVAO Electronic Handover Forms).
  • Note - enter a note on the document.


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