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Draw links in MS Visio

In addition to drawing links diagram directly in WebApp, you can also draw links diagram in MS Visio:

  1. In the ALVAO Asset Management Console, in the object tree, select the object whose links you want to visualize.
  2. From the main menu, select Object - Draw links in MS Visio.
  3. A new MS Visio document with the drawn constraints will be displayed.
    The generated document contains the entire dependency tree of the selected object.

Utility GenerateNodeRelationshipDiagram

Use this utility to start drawing a link diagram from the command line.


Generates object dependency diagram in MS Visio (relative to the object that is given by ID number).
This utility works only if MS Visio is installed.

Syntax command lines

GenerateNodeRelationshipDiagram.exe /conn "connection string" /nodeId <object id>[/mode <mode>]

Parameter structure
Switch Description Mandatory
/conn <string> Setting up a connection to DB. Yes
/nodeId <objectId> ID of the initial object from which the links will start rendering (intNodeId).
Note: You can find out the object ID e.g. in the AM Console on the Child Objects tab by displaying the "NodeId" column.
/mode <mode> Rendering mode:
  • ImpactDiagram (default) - impact diagram; Renders the initial object (see nodeId) and all objects that use this object or that use this object (link type uses - is used) recursively. It also plots objects that are directly related to the initial object (link type related to, direct links only).
  • ContextDiagram - renders the initial object (see nodeId) and all objects that are directly related to it (all link types, including parent-child link in the object tree). It then displays all the links between these objects.


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