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Diagram of links

This page shows a diagram of links of a specific object.

This page is part of the ALVAO Configuration Management module.


  • Command Panel
    • Link Types - select the link types you want to display in the diagram.
    • Save as image - save the entire diagram to a PNG file. The image does not contain expand/collapse buttons or link names.
    • Add object - add another object, or several objects, to the diagram and link them to the first selected object.
    • Add link - create a link between the selected object and the object you subsequently point to with the mouse.
    • Edit - modify the type of the selected link.
    • Delete - delete the selected link.
  • Link diagram - by default, only direct links of the object from which the diagram is drawn are displayed. If you want to display other links of a linked object, click the [+] button in the object. Click the [-] button to hide the expanded links again. You can move the objects in the diagram with the mouse to another place at will.
  • Selected Object - when you select an object in the diagram, the details about that object are displayed on the right side of the page.


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