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Web signing

In this method of signing the handover protocol, the recipient confirms the acceptance of the property by pressing a button in the application. It is not necessary to print the handover protocol on paper and the recipient can confirm it with any device with a web browser (PC, mobile phone, tablet, ...) without any special technical equipment.


After issuing a new transfer protocol, the application automatically notifies the recipient by e-mail of the need to sign it. In WebApp - Administration - Asset Management - Settings - Signing documents via the web first set the message text and other notification parameters.

Publishing the handover protocol

  1. When building a transfer protocol, select the Transfer Protocol Internal Summary protocol template.
    Returns of individual assets via the Difference Transfer Protocol cannot be confirmed electronically, so we recommend using the Transfer Protocol Summary. By signing the protocol, the user always confirms the complete list of assets and thus has a better overview of the current status of the entrusted assets.
  2. On the form, select Method of Signing Through the Web.
  3. After pressing OK, you will see a preview of the print report where you can review the handover protocol.
  4. Send the report using the Send command. An email will be sent to the recipient with a link to the ALVAO WebApp where they can view and sign the handover protocol.
The recipient's email address comes from ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Users and not from the object tree. The pairing of users between Administration and objects is based on GUID, personal number, username, and email (in that order).

Signing the protocol via the web

The employee to whom the property is being handed over will receive an email with a message that the property has been handed over to them and their signature is required.
In the text of the email is a link to the user's documents page on the ALVAO WebApp.

To sign the handover protocol:

  1. Go to the My Documents page.
  2. Open the requested document and review it.
  3. Click Sign next to the document.
  4. You will then be asked if you agree with the content of the document.
  5. Select Confirm to sign the handover protocol and record the date, the person who signed it and the name of the computer from which the signature was made.
When signing the log, you can also force a login password to make the signing more provable. This behavior can be set in ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Asset Management - Settings - Signing documents via the web by selecting Require login password when signing.

Signature control

To check the signing status of a document, use the following procedure:

  1. In the AM Console, select Tools - Lists - Documents from the main menu.
  2. In the list that appears, view the Signature Method, Signed, Signed by and Signed from Computer columns.
  3. Search (e.g. using a filter) for the desired document, the signing method has Web signing.
  4. A document is signed if the Signed and Signed by columns contain the date and the person who signed it. The Signed from computer column then contains the name of the computer from which the document was signed.

Changing the signing method

If the report has been signed in a different way (e.g. you have printed the handover protocol afterwards and the recipient has signed it manually) and you wish to change the signing method, please proceed as follows:

  1. In the AM Console, select Tools - Lists - Documents from the main menu.
  2. Select the desired handover protocol from the list and select Edit.
  3. Set Signature Method to the desired value.


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