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Technical requirements

  • ALVAO Asset Management

Installing and activating the module

The module is part of the ALVAO Asset Management installation. The module must be activated with an activation key, which you can obtain from your Alvao supplier. In the ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Licenses select Insert Activation Key and enter the activation key.

Changing the text on the My Documents page

Using the My Documents command from the user menu, each user can view a list of their forwarding logs. Above the list is the instructional text, which you can optionally change with the following SQL script. UPDATE tProperty SET sPropertyValue='text of procedure link' WHERE sProperty='AM.MyDocumentsWorkflowText';
UPDATE tLocalization SET NeedsUpdate=1 WHERE sTable='tProperty' AND iRecordId=(SELECT id FROM tProperty WHERE sProperty='AM.MyDocumentsWorkflowText');
Format the text using common html tags and possibly translate it into multiple languages.

Multilingual environment

Electronic Handover Forms supports multi-language environment. You can translate the following items into multiple languages:
  • Messages
    • Subject
    • Message text
  • Workflow on the My Documentspage


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