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Print report templates

On this page you can manage print report templates, which typically include transfer report templates.


  • Command Panel
    • Load Template - upload a new template. Select all the files that make up the template, i.e. the 3 basic files with the rep, htm and xsl extensions and additional files, usually css, gif, png, jpg etc.
    • Edit - edit the selected template.
    • Delete - remove the selected template.
  • Press Report Template Table - contains all created press report templates and their selected attributes. You can customize the table as needed.
If you use templates in different languages, put the abbreviation of the language in which they are written in the template names or descriptions. You can then use this to create views for each language you use and share them with the whole team if necessary.
You can restore template files from the Asset Management Console installation directory from the Csy/ReportTemplates folder, or from folders for other languages.


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