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Servers (deprecated)

On this page you can manage servers that have ALVAO Asset Management Collector.


  • Command Panel
    • New Server - add new server to the list.
    • Edit - edit the properties and settings of the server. The menu contains the same commands as in the server preview blocks.
    • Delete - delete the selected server.
    • Allow - resumes AM Collector activity on the selected server if the server has been disabled, see the Disable command.
    • Disable - stops the AM Collector from running on the selected server.
  • Server Table - contains all servers and their selected attributes. You can customize the table as needed.
  • Selected Server - After selecting a server in the table, a view will appear on the right with information about the selected server. The Edit command is displayed in each block of the preview to modify the server settings.
Changing the settings of the running server will take effect within 5 minutes. If you want the settings change to take effect sooner, restart the Collector service on the server.


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