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Password rules

Use this page to set password policies for non-Active Directory users.


  • Password Complexity
    • Minimum password length (number of characters) - Specify how many characters the shortest allowable password can be.
      • Allowed range: 0 - 14.
    • Passwords must meet complexity requirements - Enable this option if you want passwords to have to meet the following requirements:
      • Must be at least six characters in length.
      • Must contain characters from at least three of the following character groups:
        •  uppercase letters
        • lowercase letters
        • numerals
        • symbols (for example !, $, #, %)
      • Must not contain the username or display name of the user.
  • History of passwords
    • Minimum password age (days) - Enter the minimum number of days that must elapse between password changes.
      • Allowed range: 0 - 998.
    • Maximum password age (days) - Enter the maximum password age in days. After this period, the user will have to change password.
      • Allowed range: 0 - 999.
      • 0 means that passwords are valid indefinitely.
    • Password history size (number) - specify the number of passwords that the system will remember back for each user and will not allow the user to set the same password again.
      • Allowed range: 0 - 24.


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