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Sending messages

This page is used to set up basic messaging in Alvao.


  • SMTP Server
    • Address - enter the address or name of the SMTP server on the network.
    • Port - enter the port number of the SMTP server. For a secure connection (STARTTLS) this is usually 587, for an insecure connection it is 25.
    • Authentication - select the authentication method from the menu.
      • User Name and Password - enter the name and password of the user who is authorized to send messages from the SMTP server in the following fields.
        The username and password are stored in the Alvao database in unencrypted form.
        If a username and password are filled in, this user must have send permission (SendAs) for email addresses of all services .
      • Integrated Authentication (not recommended) - select this option if the SMTP server is able to authenticate the user in an integrated way. The user account running the Alvao Service service must have permissions to send messages from that SMTP server.
    • User name - Enter the username of the user who is authorized to send messages from the specified SMTP server.
    • Password - enter the password of the user.
    • SSL - enable if you want to connect to the SMTP server securely (encrypted).
  • Sender of messages


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