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The Device Field

Asset Management objects can be added to the request when creating a request and later in its detail.

The behavior below also applies to selecting a value in the Device field.

System behavior

The field (e.g. adding an object) displays the icon of the selected object and its name.
When the list is expanded, the field shows objects assigned to the current requester (located under him/her in the objects tree) and the asset the requester is responsible for. When you search the list, you will also see the objects that are visible to a signed in user in the objects tree.
Computer components and Computer Set type objects are not shown.
The text entered in the field will be searched for in object kind, name, path, inventory, serial, and asset number.
The values shown are sorted by their path in the tree, by object kind, and by object name.

Custom functions for device selection

If you wish to change the method of searching, ordering, and displaying of values when selecting the object, add the ftDeviceSearch_Custom2 table function to the database.
If the ftDeviceSearch_Custom2 function is defined in the database, it will be used for the objects menu instead of the default function ftDeviceSearch.
The ftDeviceSearch_Custom2 function has the same inputs and outputs as the existing ftDeviceSearch function.


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