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System Architecture

System Architecture
  1. Database - all data is stored in a common database. MS SQL Server, or its Express edition (formerly MSDE), is used as the database system.
  2. ALVAO WebApp (WA, WebApp) - is a web-based interface through which applicants, operators and solvers can interact with the system. The WebApp is implemented on the MS IIS/ASP.NET platform. Users can use any web client to access the WebApp, e.g. Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. Similarly, users can use any e-mail client to receive information messages. It is also used for system administration.
  3. Mailbox Reader - a server component that provides automatic retrieval of requests and follow-up e-mail communication to the ALVAO Service Desk system. Messages are retrieved using IMAP or EWS (Exchange WebService) protocol. The system uses any SMTP Server to automatically send e-mail messages to both applicants and solvers. It also includes a utility for retrieving users from Active Directory.
  4. Service Desk WebService (SD WebService)- Web service used to automatically send notifications to applicants and members of the research team.


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