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Multilingual environment

See Asset Management - Multilingual Environment.

You can translate the following values in SD:

  • Service
    • Service Name
    • Service Description
    • Service keywords
  • SLA
    • Name of SLA
    • Description of the SLA
  • Process
    • Process name
    • status name
    • Description of statuses
    • Instructions for the solver
    • Authorizer Report Template
    • status transition message template for applicants
  • Priority
    • Name of priority (high, medium, ...)
  • Request relationships
    • Link type name
  • Custom request items
    • Item name
    • Item description
    • Values in the list of values for items of type int and nvarchar

      Translations of custom field value lists are disabled by default. You can enable them on each custom field separately by enabling the Enable translation option.
  • Custom Notifications
    • Subject and text of the notification


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