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Impact and urgency

If they are in or on the process of the new ticket form, the Date or Emergency items are enabled, the Priority of the request is automatically set according to the values of these items, see the priority table:

Fall High Medium Low
High critical high medium
Medium high medium low
Low medium low planning

The priority can still be changed manually to any value.

Priority item values:
Icon Czech English
critical critical
high high
medium medium
low low
scheduling planning

In addition, if SLAs with a quality index of 1 to 5 are available in the service, changing Impact and Urgency will also change the SLA to an SLA with a quality index according to the following table:

Fall High Medium Low
High 5 4 3
Medium 4 3 2
Low 3 2 1

Even if the SLA is set by the Impact and Urgency values, it can be changed to a different value.


If there is no SLA with a calculated quality index for the selected applicant, the next higher one will be selected. If neither exists, the SLA with the highest quality index for the applicant will be selected.
If there are multiple SLAs with the same quality index, it is not defined which one will be selected.


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