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Date and time

In this Window you can specify the date and time when moving objects in the tree and other actions with objects. All actions can be viewed in Object log, where they are sorted according to the date entered here.
The current date and time is pre-populated.


  • Enter the date (and possibly time) of insertion - edit the date and time of the change. If you do not want to enter the time, turn off the checkbox before the clock.
    If you are entering changes into the record after the fact, enter the actual date of the change.
  • Last value used - click this button if you want to add the date and time you filled in the last time you used this window.
    This button will appear the second and every time you open this window.
  • Next time do not show this window and use the current date and time - turn on if you want to always auto-complete the current date and time and not display this window.

    You can always re-enable the window display using Tools - Settings - tab General - disable the Create history records with current date and time.
  • OK - confirm the date and time to be written to the object history.
  • Storno - closing the window and not performing the action that triggered the window.


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