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The View menu is used to edit the display of items in the main AM Console window.


  • Including subtree - display records in Log also for child objects of the object selected in the tree.
    It is only available when the Log tab is displayed. If the option is still unavailable, click anywhere in the Log tab with the mouse.
  • Hidden Objects - display hidden objects in the tree.
  • Deleted Items - view deleted items in the object log.
  • Expand/Collapse Tree - expand or collapse all objects in the tree (and subtrees) of the currently selected node.
  • Found objects - display the results of the last object search (found objects cannot be displayed if no search has been performed since the AM Console was enabled).
  • Lists of objects - view previously created lists of objects.
  • Refresh - update the list of items in the table in which an item is currently selected.


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