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In the upper part of the Properties tab there is a table of properties of the currently selected object in the tree and in the lower part there is a log of this object.
The property status icons have the following meaning:

  • Inherited property - the property is inherited to this object from the parent object whose name is specified in the Object column.
  • Only for reading - the value of the property is retrieved from Active Directory or hw detection and therefore cannot be manually changed.
  • Alert - there is something wrong with the property. Hover over the icon and a more detailed description of the error will appear in the bubble.

Local menu options on the Properties tab:

  • New property - adds a new property to the selected object in the tree.
  • Copy - copy the selected property.
  • Paste - paste a property from the clipboard (e.g. copied from another object).
  • Delete - remove the selected property from the properties of the object selected in the tree.
  • Functions
    • Summary - summing the value of the selected property in all subobjects of the object selected in the tree.
  • Go to Parent Object - navigate in the tree to the object from which the selected property is inherited (using the menu Go - Back command, the original object can be displayed again).
  • Table - menu allows customize the table. For example, create filters, views or display multiple rows.
  • Find - search for text in the displayed table.
  • Insert Barcode - insert a code from a barcode reader into the selected property.
  • Generate Value - generate a new value for the selected property by the number sequence that this property uses. (This option is only available for editable non-heritable properties.)
  • Edit - edit the value and behavior of the selected property.


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