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The menu allows different views and reorganization of objects displayed in Lists of objects. Working with tables is covered in more detail in Working with tables.


  • Filter by Selection - add the selected value to the filter of the Object Name column.
  • Filter Excluding Selection - filter out from the Object Name column all items with the currently selected value.
  • Enable Filter - display the field to enter a filter and complete the last used filters.
  • Reset Filter - cancel filters in all columns and hide the filter entry field.
  • Display tree - display the object in the left part of the window in a tree structure.
    To create a tree structure, you need to select the column in the table by which you want to group the objects.
    All objects are displayed in the tree, so the tree ignores the filtering in the table.
  • View first 250 items - turn this off if you really want to display a larger number of items. It may take a while to load.
  • Save As - save the table content to a text file (csv, html).
  • Analyze in MS Excel table - display the table content in MS Excel table.
  • Copy - copy the contents of selected cells.
  • Copy Cell
  • Print
  • Abort loading - interrupt loading of table contents (e.g. if it takes too long).
  • Automatically refresh - set the interval of automatic refresh of the table content in seconds.
  • Refresh - refresh the table content.


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