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New service

This form is used to create a new services.


  • General
    • Service Name - enter the service name.
      We recommend naming services that contain requests (not just folders in the service tree) with a plural name, e.g. Leave Requests, Improvement Ideas, etc.
    • E-mail - enter the service email from which notifications will be sent to applicants and members of the research team. The email can be entered as email address (e.g. or name-service <email-address> (e.g. Technical Support <>). Separate multi-word names with a space, do not use commas, semicolons or other punctuation marks.
      Do not use an email that is already assigned to a user.
    • Phone - enter the phone number of the main service provider.
    • Description - enter brief information about the service. The service description is displayed to applicants in the service catalog.
    • Process - select the process from the menu that will be used to process requests in the service.
      Process defines, among other things, the process of the solution and the visible request items.
    • Request tag prefix - specify the prefix of the request tag. The request tag has the format <prefix>request-number<prefix>, e.g. T123ALVAO. The request tag is automatically included in the subject line of notifications and other messages and is used to associate the message with the correct request.
    • Request Tag Suffix - Enter the request tag suffix, see Request Tag Suffix.
    • Preferred Language - the language of the service in which notifications are sent to service principals.
    • Time zone - the time zone in which all dates and times in notifications sent to the service principals will be reported.
    • Folder (requests cannot be entered into the service) - Enable if you want to disable the creation of requests in this service. A folder can have child services that can be used to insert requests.
    • Require solver License - enable if you want to ensure that the service requires a solver license regardless of the SLA assignment to the Host user. If the service requires a license per solver, the license must cover all members of the solver team. Applicants then do not require any license. For more information, see License Service Desk.
    • Service Shortcut - If you only want to create a shortcut that points to another service, enable this option and select the target service. Permissions and SLAs are applied to the shortcut according to the target service.
    • ... - or select the service from the service tree.
    Once a service is created, this option cannot be changed.
Fields Service Name, , Prefix, Suffix and menus Process, Language, Time Zone are mandatory. 
  • Service Catalog - Setting the appearance of the tile in the service catalog in the WebApp, setting keywords, order in the tree, and default request templates.
  • Objects - select the objects on which the service will appear in the service menu to create a new request.
  • Message loading - setup loading messages from the mailbox.
  • Extended - setting the processing flow of the request.
  • Notification - setting to send automatic notifications about the occurrence and progress of requests for the service being edited.
  • Other - manage custom service items

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