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Request items

In this window, you can add additional data items to requests that are controlled by the process you are editing. All requests in all services that use the edited process have data items listed here.

The data items listed here are to the members of the solution teams of those services, including exceptional solvers and readers, are automatically displayed in the request on the General tab, as well as in the New Request and Edit (request) forms.


  • Command Panel
    • Add - add a new request item to the process.
    • Edit - edit the selected item.
    • Remove - remove the selected item from the process.
  • Items table - the table shows the items that are currently included in the process. You can use the table as needed.
Also requesters can view these data items in the request on the General tab (see ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Service Desk - Services - Edit - Extended- Show optional items to Requester) and in the New Request form (see ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Service Desk - Services - Service - Edit - Service Catalog- New Request Form - Items displayed on form).
For each workflow status, set the mandatory items that must be completed before the request can move to that status (ALVAO WebApp - Administration - Service Desk - Processes - Process - solving process - Status - Edit - General - Mandatory Items).


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